After serving his National Service and whilst studying at University, Dave met his future wife who was also at 'varsity and who came from Nyasaland. Following a visit to the country to meet her parents, he joined the Nyasaland Police in March 1959, i.e. shortly after the Emergency started. His first posting was not surprisingly to the PMF and after eighteen months there he joined SB where he was employed as a Desk Officer. He remained with SB until 1971 when he returned and subsequently joined the Foreign Office where he was employed in various duties of a security nature. He retired in 2004 and now lives in his home town of Moffat, Scotland. Sadly he lost his wife suddenly in 2011.

Leaving school in 1952 Norman joined Durham County Police Cadets and was chosen as top cadet for the year on leaving in 1954. On conscription for National Service he served for a year the Royal Signals before transferring to extend his miltary service and spend two years in the Life Guards stationed in Whitehall. Leaving the military in 1957 he joined the Northumberland Police. It was in 1961 that his application to join the Nyasaland Police was successful and he served variously, in particular, in Blantyre and Limbe and on leaving in 1963 it is said that this was 'the country he left his heart in'. Back to Northumberland Police he transferred to Durham County to be near his parents when his father had had an accident in the pit and it was there he met and married Elizabeth, a serving Police Officer. A change of career came in 1966 when he decided to take up teaching and in 1970, after training and as a family with two children, he took a teaching post in Ndola, Zambia, where his youngest son was born. Back in the UK he spent many years teaching PE, CDT and general subjects to children with learning difficulties. Keeping Policing in the family his daughter Helen is serving in the MET and grandson Luke in the army looking towards a career in the Military Police. Norman and Elizabeth and now settled in Washington, Co Durham. (Sadly no longer with us - RIP)

Joined the Malawi Police 1964. Stationed at Blantyre (1 yr), Lilongwe (2 yrs), Mzuzu (4 yrs) and Zomba HQ (3 yrs). Left Malawi in 1974 and went the same year to the Zambia Police. Serve three years in Ndola on the Copperbelt. Joined Marconi (Overseas) Installations in 1978 spent a year in the Oman desert setting up Troposcatter radio links. Back in uniform again with the Royal Oman Police for nine years, then did a short spell in Saudi Arabia with the Coast Guard. Joined the Metropolitan Police in 1988 (Civilian this time - Southeast London Communications Officer). Finally retired 2005. (Sadly no longer with us - RIP)

Served in Nyasaland from 1957 until 1964 in the Nyasaland Police and in Malawi in commerce from 1967 to 1971. Stationed at Mlanje, Kasungu, Limbe, Bvumbwe, Chikwawa and Chileka. Served a further three years in the Bechuanaland Police and then entered the financial planning industry in Rhodesia, subsequently for 27 years in South Africa. Retired in 1996 as National President of the Financial Planning Institute of Southern Africa. Relocated to Yorkshire in 2003. (Sadly no longer with us - RIP)

Seconded from North Yorkshire Police to Nyasaland in 1960 to 1961. Stationed in Mzuzu. Returned to North Yorkshire Police and then seconded to Cayman Islands Police Force 1974 to 1977. 1977 joined Sovereign Base Areas Police in Cyprus until 1989, stationed for seven years at Dhekelia then Chief of Police at Episkopi for five years. Retired to live in Scarborough. (Sadly no longer with us - RIP)

Joined the Nyasaland Police in January 1957 after five years with the Metropolitan Police. Well known in the Blantyre/Limbe area where he was regularly seen riding his traffic motor cycle. Also as the driver on numerous occasions of "Peter One", the Commissioner's big black Humber. Left Nyasaland on Independence and initially joined the South Africa Police. He fairly rapidly moved from there into the Intelligence Service in South Africa where he enjoyed a long and often exciting career until retirement. He now divides his time between South Africa and the United States where he has most of his family. An author of some success of what might be called the "thriller" type novels. (Sadly no longer with us - RIP)

Nyasaland Police 1951 - 1964; Staff Officer, i/c Mlanje, Zomba. Industrial, commercial and public security UK and South Africa; final position Director Security - City of Cape Town Municipality; retired to Knysna, Cape Province, to write poetry. (Sadly no longer with us - RIP)

Nyasaland Police 1954 - 1969 (then as charter pilot until 1986). Served: PTC & PMF Zomba HQ, Cholo, Limbe (2), Lilongwe (2), Chiradzulu, Kasupe, SD, Mlanje, and ND Mzuzu. 1970 - 2005: proprietor Capital Air Services Ltd. Zomba, [charter flights, crop-spraying and aircraft maintenance]. 1976: set-up Malawi Army Air Wing. 1978: founded Plateau Stables. 1979 - 2007 additionally taught dressage and music. (Sadly no longer with us - RIP)

Served in Nyasaland from 1961 until 1971. Stationed in Blantyre, Kanjedza, Lilongwe, Zomba and Limbe. Moved to Rhodesia in 1971 and took up position of Despatch Manager in commerce. Security Officer for Textile company for some time.
Retired to South Africa. (Sadly no longer with us - RIP)

Nyasaland Police 1958 until 1964. Served in Blantyre, Zomba, Nkhata Bay and Lilongwe. Joined Kent Constabulary where he served as a "rural" constable for twenty eight years. Now does part-time work in a village shop in Kent as he doesn't like the idea of full retirement!

Nyasaland Police from 1959 until 1967. All served in Zomba HQ. Returned to the UK and owned a village store before going to work for NHS as a Hospital Administrator until retirement in 1990. (Sadly no longer with us - RIP)

A "Nyasa boy" having been brought up in the country. Nyasaland Police from 1946 following service in the Royal Navy. Served widely throughout the country variously as Staff Officer and in CID. Retired from NP in 1973 as Dep.Commissioner and worked as senior security officer for Anglo American, mainly in Johannesburg. Retired finally in 1986 to Newlands Cape Town in close proximity to both the Newlands Rugby Ground and Newlands Cricket Stadium! (Sadly no longer with us - RIP)

Nyasaland born and bred. Served in KAR Zomba. Nyasaland Police 1953 until 1964. Stationed in PTS, Lilongwe, Ncheu, Dedza, Mzuzu, Karonga and Blantyre. Employed subsequently by Shell-Mex and BP in UK, 1968 Syfrets Trust in Cape Town. Briefly with Colonial Mutual Insurance. Retired as director of Management Placements in Cape Town in 1992. Now living in Somerset West, Cape Province.

Joined Malawi Police (Communications) in 1969 until 1972. Stationed at Zomba and Lilongwe. Previously served in Zambia with Police (Signals) from 1962 to 1969. Continued working in Malawi after 1972 with the Posts & Telecomms Dept until 1980. Stationed in Blantyre/Limbe. Relocated to Hastings UK, worked in the Telecomms industry until 1996 when he began teaching English to foreign students. Retired 2006.

Served in the Force for three years from 1961 until 1963. Initially with the PMF in Limbe, in the Divisional Training and Mobile Centre, then posted to Fort HIll and Karonga. Left the country in 1963, entered University in South Africa and subsequently taught geography and Physical Education until retirement in 1997. On retirement emigrated to Margaret River in Western Australia where he still lives.

Served in Nyasaland/Malawi from 1958 to 1971. Initial few months at HQ, Zomba, then wholly in CID. Started at Limbe, to Lilongwe, to Mzuzu (DCIO). Then Lilongwe (DCIO) to Urban CIO, Blantyre, to DCIO Southern and finally CID HQ Zomba. Retired in 1998. (Sadly no longer with us - RIP)

Nyasaland Police from 1956 until 1969. Served in Dedza, Port Herald, Mlanje, Cholo, Zomba, first in uniform and mainly thereafter in SB, retiring as 2 i/c SB. On leaving in 1969 returned to the UK and took up a position with the Confederation of British Industries as Assistant Secretary for Scotland and thence Director of an organisation managing high profile trade associations. Still enjoys travelling the world.

Jopined the East Riding of Yorkshire Police as a Cadet, interrupted by National Service - Military Police in Egypt - and continued as a PC until 1959 when he joined the Nyasaland Police during the Emergency. First tour: Mzimba, Mzuzu (as Station Officer) and HQ CID, Zomba. Second tour: OC Ncheu and Special Branch, Zomba. Third tour: Blantyre (Press Liaison for Haile Selassie’s visit and Independence Celebrations, OC security for Dr Banda’s national tour and instructor at the Police Training School, Kanjedza. Returned to Yorkshire 1969 and took up teaching. Had 23 years of happy retirement spent house-building, fishing, gardening, travelling and making furniture for daughter. (Sadly no longer with us - RIP)

Joined the Nyasaland Police in Jan 1956, Special Branch from 1957 until his departure in 1960. Stationed at Cholo and Blantyre. Married a teacher, Maureen, in 1958 in Blantyre. Moved in 1961 to Papua New Guinea where he served in various sections of Special Branch. Moved to Australia in 1967 worked with the Australian Diplomatic Service, serving in West Germany/Austria. Retired in 1994. Used to be in contact with Bob Weldon and his wife until they died, also made contact with Danny Morrison. (Sadly no longer with us - RIP)
GARNER Michael (Mike) John, GSM (Malaya), died of medical complications following a fall and a broken hip on 1st August 2021 at Ashford, South Australia. He was aged 88. Born in Windsor, Berkshire, UK, he first served in the British Army and then in the Nyasaland Police from Jan 1956 to Aug 1960 before migrating to Australia. He was sworn into the RP&NGC on 1.5.1961. In the main he served at Rabaul and Port Moresby. He also served at the Little Buka ( Bougainville) "baby farm" cult created by John Teosin and defrocked Catholic priest Francis Hagai in 1962. When Patrick (Paddy) Erskine was appt as ACP to RP&NGC in 1965 the very first thing he did was to create the force Special Branch. Mike was selected to join and with other officers attended a Special Branch course in Australia in August 1965. He remained in Special Branch until he resigned in the rank of Inspector on 14.5.1967. Back in Australia he joined the Commonwealth Attorney-General's Dept and was stationed in Adelaide and Germany. For many years he was a member of the Adelaide Naval and Military Club. He is survived by Maureen, three children and their families.
M.R.Hayes, RPNGC 1959-1974

BRAD GILLIES Served in Nyasaland/Malawi from 1959 to 1971 mainly in Zomba, Limbe and Lilongwe with short visits in many Districts. Subsequently moved to South Africa working for the Oude Meester Group and after a couple of short moves joined an electronic security company, retiring as a Director from them in 1995. Have enjoyed Freemasonry, trout fishing and extensive holidays locally and abroad. Living in Germiston - approximately 20 km east of Johannesburg. (Sadly no longer with us - RIP)

Served 1960 to 1963 in Nyasaland Police. Stationed Zomba (PMF), Dowa and Limbe. Bechuanaland Protectorate Police 1963 to 1971. Then moved to United Transport Rhodesia. Served 1975 to 1980 in Police Anti-terrorist Unit Orange Group. Then in 1985 moved to UK, joined Local Govt [Planning] and Studied for LLB. Last two years as Legal Advisor to the Licensing Dept. Retired end Jan 2007.

Served 1960 - 1962 in the Nyasaland Police after National Service in the Irish Guards (1954/1956) and the Northern Rhodesia Police (1957/1960). In Nyasaland he was mainly Special Branch stationed Limbe and Karonga, in Northern Rhodesia mainly CID staioned Kitwe although he was seconded to Nyasaland with the Mobile Unit for six months during the emergency (1959). On leaving Nyasaland he went on to the Federal Security and Intelligence Bureau (1962/1965) in Salisbury, Rhodesia, during which time he was the FISB representative in Northern Rhodesia. 1966 saw him with the Ministry of Defense in London and thereafter he took up appointments during the years 1967/1968 Head of SB, New Hebrides (Vanuatu), 1969/1971 Australian Security and Intelligence Organisation, 1972/1975 Mauritius Security Service, Director of Training, 1976/1978 Security and Intelligence Service, Brunei, 1979/1983 Security and Intelligence Service, Bahrain, 1984/2000 Oman, Colonel, Senior Security/Intelligence Adviser. He retired to Dorset in 2000.

BSAP for four years 1953 - 1957. Stationed at Gatooma. Nyasaland Police 1958 to 1964, stationed at Zomba, Fort Manning, Karonga, Fort Hill and Nkhota-Kota. Royal Hong Kong Police from 1965 until 1990 when retired as Ch Supt. Awarded CPM. Now living in East Sussex

After eight years in the Fleet Air Arm joined the Kenya Police, about which he subsequently wrote a book entitled "Kenya Cowboy". Left Kenya to serve in the Cyprus Police and thence to Nyasaland. He left Nyasaland for the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary where he stayed for nine years. Returned to the UK in 1972 he took up an appointment with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office which took him to diplomatic missions in such places as Sierra Leone, East Berlin, Guyana and Portugal. A few years in Barnet, Herts, as a School Officer and then off to Africa again, Sierra Leone again where he enjoyed a position as s senior security officer working for a large diamond mining organisation. Finally retired and spends his time alternating between Cockfosters and what he calls a "bolthole" in northern Cyprus. (Sadly no longer with us - RIP)

BSAP from 1946 until 1951. Nyasaland Police from 1951 to 1952. Involved with welfare and became Permanent Secretary for Community and Social Dvelopment. Continued in various forms of teaching in Nepal, Kashmir, Ladakh, Pakistan, China, New Zealand, etc. Long retired and living in Exeter. (Sadly no longer with us - RIP)

Served in Nyasaland from 1954 to 1964 and was stationed at Mlanje, Lilongwe, Salima, Kota Kota, Limbe and Dedza. After taking abolition of office, he returned to the UK where he joined the finance division of a major bank, staying in that organisation for 27 years before taking retirement. Made a return trip to Malawi on holiday and was not impressed.

Nyasaland Police 1958 - 64 and Malawi Police 64-66. Studied law at Queens University Belfast and graduated LL.B 1970. Called to the N. Ireland Bar. Lecturer and then Senior Lecturer in Law at Queens University, Belfast. Deputy County Court Judge. Still a practising barrister and soon to retire. Living in Strangford, County Down.

After leaving the Army he had a couple of boring jobs in the UK and then joined the Nyasaland Police in September, 1961. He did the Met Constables course at Hendon along with Ted Irving who has since died although was unable to find out what happened to him. Barry Thorne arrived at Hendon later whilst he and Ted were still there. In Nyasaland/Malawi he was first in the PMF at Zomba and then Limbe. He then took over command of DTMC Mzuzu from Owen Roberts where he linked up with Don McCarry. Brian Burgess was there at Divisional HQ where Cyril Marlow was Oi/c Northern Division. He was then transferred to Blantyre Police Station doing general duties. He then had two periods of Officer i/c Fort Johnston. His final years were in CID, first at CID HQ in Zomba as Crime Superintendent - Rex Jones was Oi/c and the late Mike Davis 2i/c. Finished up at Blantyre/Limbe Urban Command in charge of CID and left Malawi in 1973.

Joined Nyasaland Police from RAF Police in January 1961. Served in PMF at Zomba and Lilongwe. Then Blantyre General Duties. Special Branch from 1964 until departure in 1972, Fort Johnston, Mzuzu and finally at Zomba, including a period as Commander, Presidential Guard Unit. Returned to UK and served as Internal Security Officer and Investigator with Securicor for 32 years. Sadly lost his wife and now retired to Upton upon Severn, Worcs.

Nyasaland Police from 1959 until 1980. Served in Fort Johnston, Dedza, Lilongwe, Blantyre/Limbe, Mzuzu and Zomba. From 1969 until 1980 served in the Malawi Diplomatic Mission in Salisbury. Settled back in the UK in 1980. Retired to Ballater, N.Ireland. (Sadly no longer with us - RIP)

Joined Nyasaland Police in 1956-1964, served in Zomba, P&Q , then Lilongwe, Fort Manning, Balaka, Zomba and Chiradzulu and a last stint at Zomba Police Station. Then six years Distribution and Export Sales in Radio and hi-fi, before becoming an Independant Management Consultant until 1986. Returned to Scotland in 1980. 1986-2003, regular tour guide for the Highlands of Scotland. Now writes a series of Guide books on the Highlands. Still takes selected tours when requested. He has further extended his writing to fiction with a wide variety of mainly thrillers. Currently (April 2016) he is working on his 24th book. From Amazon.co.uk his books are available with alternatives in print, paperback and kindle versions. More details can be found on the website
www.donnel8.wix.com/donnelprints-. (Sadly no longer with us - RIP)

Served with commissioned rank in the British Army, postings included Cyprus and Egypt. On leaving he joined Nyasaland Police in 1954. First tour - stationed in Blantyre/Limbe and he was the first European Police OC Chikwawa. Second tour: first European Police OC Karonga during the start of the Emergency (1959) followed by Divisional HQ, Mzuzu. Third tour: returned to Mzuzu as OC of the regional PMF unit, Zomba as OC Traffic and Transport and nationwide PMF. Latterly served as OC Lilongwe and Limbe districts. Left in March 1969 and joined the NHS as senior manager, now retired and living between Sussex and Cornwall. (Sadly no longer with us - RIP)

Bob's career started in the Metropolitan Police from where he joined the Nyasaland Police on 1st January 1961. He served in various places and was at one time responsible for training and restructuring after Independence. Bob is a barrister-at-law and a Fellow and founding member of the Institute of Security (SA). After relocating to South Africa he was variously Legal Adviser/Company Secretary to a number of listed companies, including Sappi Ltd, The Abercom Group Ltd and Unitrans Ltd. He is also a founder member of the South African Security Association and a Past President of this organisation. Since 1992 he has operated through his own business, Power Corporate Consultants and specialises in mergers and acquisitions. He is also the author of two published books with a further book - "A Comprehensive Overview of Starting and expanding a Small Business for Entrepreneurs". He is also a motivational speaker on business and training skills for various universities.

Nyasaland Police 1954 - 64 serving in Zomba, Cholo/Mlanje, Lilongwe, Mzimba, Fort Johnston. Thereafter Lincoln Theological College, made deacon in 1966 and ordained priest a year later. Parishes in Peterborough, Norwich, Rochester, Europe (Nord/Pas de Calais) and now retired to Canterbury Diocese but still 'doing' duty in northern France with four congregations and a prison there.

Nyasaland Police 1957 to 1964. Stationed at Zomba, Lilongwe, Dowa, Mzimba, Karonga, Fort Hill, Misuku Hills and Fort Manning. After resignation in 1964 various management positions in industrial engineering and finance. 1981 until retirement in 1999 - mushroom farming. Now living in Co. Louth, Ireland.

Nyasaland Police 1959-1971. First posting Mzuzu followed by Blantyre Police Station. The last ten years was in Zomba employed in a variety of posts including SB, OC Depot, HQ Supt, Finance and Zomba Police Station. On return to the UK in 1971 employed by MOD and commerce until 1974 when joined the New Hebrides Police (Vanuatu). Served there until independence in 1980 followed by four years in the Royal Oman Police. In 1984 took up the post as Port Authority Security Manager in Sierra Leone followed by a short period in Colombo (Sri Lanka) with the UN as Port Security Consultant. Finally, in 1987, set up and managed a security firm specialising in port and ferry security - retiring as Chairman in 1997. Now living on the edge of Dartmoor, playing golf and walking the dog on the moor.

QPM 1987. CPM 1981. BSAP 1955-1959. Nyasaland Police 1959-1964. Served in Blantyre, Dowa, PTS Limbe. Royal Hong Kong Police 1964-1994 when retired as SACP. Now enjoys golf and gardening and lives in Cambridgeshire.

1961 - 1968: Nyasaland & Malawi Police; served Police HQ Zomba; Limbe & Blantyre Police Stations; 1963-1965 Special Branch; Police Training School 1968 - 1993; HM Diplomatic Service; served Pakistan/Bangladesh; South Africa; Sri Lanka; Italy; Ethiopia; Turkey (retired Deputy Consul-General, Istanbul, 1993). 1993 to date - International Credit Management Services (own business), Maidenhead.

Joined the Glamorgan Police Force early 1950s. Served in the Colonial Police Force in Kyrenia, Cyprus, 1956-1959. Then the Blantyre Urban Command 1962-1964 traffic division. Relocated back to South Wales and tried his hand at civilian life by starting up a Driving School. Emigrated to Adelaide Australia in 1965 joining the Commonwealth Police (now known as the Federal Police) serving with them at the Woomera Rocket Range, then later at the Pine Gap Facility in Alice Springs. He retired from the Force in the late 70s and moved back to Adelaide where he owned and operated a "Corner Store" for a few years before finally retiring to a small town in the Adelaide Hills. (Sadly no longer with us - RIP)

Joined Manchester City Police in 1958 and served until 1961 when he joined Nyasaland Police. First posting to Limbe. After a brief spell on general duties he took up the Admin Officer's job. Latterly posted to Fort Hill. In 1963 he returned to the UK and re-joined Manchester City Police. Served in the traffic dept for 22 years in various roles retiring from Greater Manchester Police in 1989. From there he went to the Automobile Association as an adviser on legal matters. Worked there for a further 10 years before finally hanging up his boots at the age of sixty.

Nyasaland born. BSAP 1950-53. Nyasaland Police 1953-60 - DSBO Northern and Central Provinces. 1960 - 63 Federal Intelligence and Security Bureau, Salisbury. 1964 - 66 MI5 London. 1966 - 1986 Director Price Forbes Management Services, Johannesburg. Retired to the Lake District. (Sadly no longer with us - RIP)

Nyasaland Police 1953-1974. Served at Zomba, Blantyre, Limbe, Lilongwe, Ncheu, Dedza, Fort Johnston. Last posting Zomba as OC PMF. Also Police Force Pilot. Subsequently worked in Cornwall, in various capacities including security and sports supervisor. Later moved into security in Sierra Leone and Guinea. Security with National Trust in Buckinghamshire and then an Estate Manager at a vineyard in the South of France. Now retired and living in Cromer, Norfolk.

Served in Nyasaland Police 1959-64 (PMF, uniform and SB in all 3 provinces) and for 2 years in the Royal Papua & New Guinea Constabulary 64-66. On return to UK worked in Administration with Institution of Electrical Engineers (London), then with Agricultural Training Board for 12 years in Kent and Suffolk. Finally worked for Sue Ryder Foundation (registered Charity) for 20 years in Suffolk. Retired 2002 and moved to Gloucestershire in 2003.

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