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David pens another shortie
David O'Neil, a firm supporter of the Association, weathers the Scottish winter with aplomb and plies his thoughts to his next book and, to keep his hand in, he has used his imagination to put together a short story about that peculiar Scottish "thing" - haggis.
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.......and yet another Novel
"Chateau du Lac" - Following on from the best selling duo of 'A place in the Sun' and 'Seasons', this third episode of the Grape Growers of Provence introduces a most intriguing set of characters with new friendships, new enterprise and business in the continuing background of the wine industry. However, all is not a bed of roses when criminal elements in the area joust with each other to establish their credentials.
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Origin - David O'Neil, March 2018

In his leader (Home page) this month "Our Man", Christopher, in typical Yorkshire vein has been succinct about the weather here in UK at the moment and, a hardy breed, he will be frustrated that he can't get out and about. The Beast from the East has brought heavy snow falls and sub-zero temperatures (from Siberia apparently and kuzizira kwambiri!) particularly in the north and the Pest in the West is Storm Emma bringing blizzard conditions to the South West. Let's face it weather is a favourite topic here in UK and at the moment it is unpleasant for some but the kids love it and hyped up by the media it has, at least, taken over as the main headlines from the interminable monotonous and boring stuff about BREXIT (if you live abroad and don't know about this don't waste your time trying to find out!). However, are these winter conditions unusual and why should we complain when Brisbane has had some horrendous storms, there has been serious flooding and wild fires in the US, droughts in Africa - Capetown, I believe is facing a major water shortage - and no doubt other vagaries of the weather elsewhere. (Pictured left, your webmaster takes time out to clear his pathway)
Webmaster, 1st March 2018

Reunions Supremo Ken Wilkinson now has the organisation for the 2018 Reunion well in hand. Accommodation details including the menu for dinner has been added to Newsletter 1/2018 by Our Man, Christopher. Most of you will have received this by personal email or by snailmail to those without internet access. The hotel has looked after us well in the past - it has good facilities too, a pool for instance - but for all of us maybe the exercise room could be more beneficial!
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St Andrew's International High School (SAintS)
This is the Website of the St. Andrew's International High School in Blantyre, edited by Ian "Witty" Whitfield, open to all pupils and staff. The main focus is the opening years of the High School which was "The Federal Period" (1956 to 1964). However free participation is now open to any St Andrew's pupil or staff member, past or present, or any other interested persons. A large, comprehensive and well maintained website, it includes details and contributions some of which you will recognise as being those of our Association members or of their children. (See also "Remember this place?", origin Greg Tomkins, in Chit-Chat 2015)
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New Year's Eve in Nyasaland
Mary Brill (left) continues her support for the Association with her regular contact and now in her nineties is as sharp as ever and possessed of a memory to which we all surely aspire. In this piece she recalls when and where she was during the New Year celebrations in Nyasaland and how she spent them. Thank you Mary for bringing back so many good memories to all of us.
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T Young, February 2018

From Zomba Plateau to Rotorua & Beyond (Update)
Claire's Charm: Following on from Ray Punter's entry in Chit-Chat 2014 it was inevitable that Ray would design his own trout fly although he didn't get round to this until 1977. He calls it Claire's Charm and why - well those of us who remember his family and in particular daughter Claire then it was cuttings of her hair that inspired Ray to use some of it in the make-up of the lure pictured left.       Click here for further details
Webmaster - February 2018

Gallery addition
Sheila Lowes (left) has kindly sent in a collection of slides taken during her time in Nyasaland - they are now posted into the Galleries section - "Sheila Lowes Collection". Sadly time has ravaged the quality but they are of interest featuring both individuals and scenic views. Not all have been identified and readers are requested to assist - so please email in your identification details.
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Webmaster, January 2018

Ken Wilkinson takes over as Reunions Supremo
Ken Wilkinson takes over the organisation this year of the annual reunions from Christopher Bean. He has been otherwise active in the Association since its inception and, in due course, will contact all members with details of our get-together at the Holiday Inn on 12th July. It is of interest that Ken joined the Nyasaland Police on 18th March 1959 finding the country in something of a political turmoil following the State of Emergency which had been declared on the 3rd March. With previous experience in Africa during the Mau Mau emergency in Kenya he was quick to adapt and during his service he was employed variously in PMF, General and Special Branch duties throughout the territory. It can be said that Nyasaland produced some new challenges for him and a few of these he recorded in 2014.    Click here to read again
Webmaster - January 2018

Heather Dwyer (nee Morrison)
Heather Dwyer, younger daughter of Danny Morrison, passed away on or about 13th January 2017 in Australia. She was a strong supporter of the Association and of the Nyasaland community generally which included written content for Prof Colin Baker in his books "Life and Work in Nyasaland". She was 68 and faced a brave battle against cancer during her later years. Her elder sister, Mary Abela, has forwarded the picture on the left taken in about 2003 with the comment that "she enjoyed nothing more than a glass of bubbly and a fodya". Fortunately, she was a good writer and her mother being a member of the well respected Bishop family in Nyasaland she recorded her own memoirs in the article "Bishops in Africa". Of her father, Danny, she says "I believe he was liked and respected by all he came in contact with" and that is certainly very true. However, it is sad to read in her piece that Heather Hale, daughter of Binnie Hale (Comms Branch), committed suicide at the age of 21.

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