Moni, Abambo ndi Amai ~ September 2020
Despite overall easing of Covid lockdown in the UK during August, it has had to be re-imposed again in certain towns and cities and it is evident in certain cases many people do not heed certain Government restrictions. High temperatures were achieved during very fine weather when many of the UK seaside resorts were overwhelmed with visitors and social distancing ignored with the inevitable results. Last month there followed thunderstorms, high humidity and torrential rain (the best policeman!); inevitably much lower temperatures followed.
Last year at this time, I was very happy to be able to report back on our last Reunion which took place on 11th July 2019. The fact that we have been unable to meet this year has been the cause of the greatest regret for all concerned. I very much much hope that 2021 will allow us an early opportunity to hold our Reunion again.
Amongst the items sent to all appointees from UK by the Crown Agents was a small thin green covered hard back booklet, which gave health and hygiene advice. I do not recall the title but think the book had been in use for many years. Please let me know if you have any further information or even have a copy!
In last month's message, I drew attention to an item Then and Now Extra and would be pleased to know if there is anyone out there who can provide any further information to add to it.
With kind permission of Mpemba Books, owners of the copyright, extracted from Volume 1 of Colin Baker's books 'Expatriate Experience of Life and Work in Nyasaland' is Mike Harper's contribution: 'Police life - A Rich Tapestry'.
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Note: Mike also has an entry on the "Then & Now" page and a recent piece in Chit-Chat 2020 - Like it or lump it.
Chit-Chat Revisited: "Do you remember Arnold Woolley?"
Over the years there was quite a number of BSAP members who moved to join the Nyasaland Police. Arnold Woolley was different, he went the other way - having joined the Nyasaland Police in 1961 he left in 1964 and joined the BSAP. He had a varied and successful career there but under political pressure was obliged to leave in about 1984. On his return to UK he was very active in local politics including a term as Mayor of Buckley, Flintshire (pop:15,000 or so). A brief autobiography can be found on the internet -
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Very Best Wishes ~ Ken Wilkinson
1st September 2020

Musical Interlude
The covid 19 pandemic has left us all in a strange world, something different to those earthly problems we have faced over the years. An unseen enemy that has invaded just about every country on the planet - some more so that others. So, click here to "Heal the World".

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