NEWSLETTER No 2 of 2019
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Moni Aliyense ~ October 2019
Transport in Nyasaland in all its forms was a vital part of our lives on which we relied so much, of course the Force had Land Rovers, which most officers drove regularly plus troop carriers, cars, and motor cycles which was mainly the preserve of Traffic officers and others on ceremonial occasions. The Air Wing and the Lake boats followed later and after Independence.
Most of us had government loans to purchase cars, these ranged from the Mini (Bill Whitehead), with VW Beetles and Peugots the most popular - all used for duty work from time to time. There were others far more exotic and some sporty vehicles (Christopher Bean & John Burdon).
My first purchase was a Morris Minor (LL 1127) which I can recall being driven from Mzuzu to Blantyre to have a meal at Giovanni's!
Air travel, apart from main services out of Chileka, was by the CAA internal Services using de Haviland Beavers. Some of our members had private licences, flying light aircraft generally as members of the Luchenza Flying Club, before the arrival of an official police aircraft, flown initially by John Wilkes.
The lake steamer MV Ilala made very welcome visits to stations around the lake with some overnight stops providing a pleasant evening of social company. I well remember an official of the Dental Department who arrived on board at Nkata Bay displaying a handlebar moustache and left the following day with only half of it, having got into bad company (of which I was not part, honest!).
Rail travel by NTZR was available to Beira and north to Salima. I did have occasion to be present at the arrest of a driver who the rail company reported had driven a train through signals without stopping and was still in control on arrival at Limbe.
So, I would be interested to know what transport memories you have of that time.

Very Best Wishes,
Ken Wilkinson
1st September 2019

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October, it's Autumn here in the UK, it's getting colder, it's windier but before they lose their leaves the forest areas put on a truly magnificent display of colour. Just the right time maybe to experience a walk in the Vienna woods.
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