Moni Aliyense ~ January 2021

New Year greetings to one and all
Here's to a bright New Year and a farewell to the old and its awful legacy, here's to things to come and to those happy memories that we hold. Here's to everything that you seek but, above all, here's to a happy, healthy 2021.

The Covid 19 pandemic continues with increased cases throughout UK in December aggravated by a mutation that seems to present a more rapid spreading of the virus. The full implications are under investigation but it has led to a further variety of intensified restrictions thoughout the country with a complete lockdown a possibility. However, the good news is that vaccinations are underway and have already been administered to many of the more vulnerable. The roll-out will take time but, at least, there is now a light at the end of the tunnel.
It is now two years since taking over as the Association Organiser and I am pleased to say that I enjoy the work involved and the contact with members - last month, following the trend set by Founder member Christopher Bean, I enjoyed telephone chat with some 35 of our members. Further, there is the Annual Reunion to organise. So, just a reminder - this year, 2021, the Reunion is scheduled for Thursday 15th July at the usual Holiday Inn, Coventry. Cost is held at the same level as in the previous three years with provision to stay on the night before and/or after at the same rate.
Where was it?
I saw it somewhere on this website but Chit-Chat alone covers some seven years - where was it? Just a reminder, there is a comprehensive index to this website. It is set out alphabetically with a direct link to just about the full contents. So CLICK HERE to save a lot of guesswork and time.
This month from Volume 1 of Colin Baker's books 'Expatriate Experience of Life and Work in Nyasaland' (with kind permission of Mpemba Books we have the article by John Clements of his childhood in Nyasaland. He was born in Zomba in February 1932, early days indeed, and how interesting it is to read and to recogniise now how things have changed over the years. Click here to enjoy
Chit-Chat (2014) Revisited - Laughter in Court
Despite risking a charge of contempt the courtrooms of the world have always produced much amusement over the years and those in Nyasaland were no exception. Was it not Zomba's ace prosecuting officer who, in about 1959/1960, had meticulously presented an immaculate case with all witnesses heard only to produce the identifying witness who, when asked to identify the accused, ignored the prisoner in the dock and pointed to a wee man sat at the back of the courthouse! Zomba was also the place, at that time, where prisoners and exhibits were kept in the same locked room. Hence, one accused on a fairly minor charge and sitting around no doubt bored waiting for his case to come up, found a bottle of kachasu with the exhibits, polished off the contents effectively destroying any evidence in another case but appeared in the dock prepared to plead guilty to anything from parking to genocide!
Would the Ace Prosecutor please identify himself

Many of our members have shown perhaps the good sense to keep off the internet but it is important that we retain good continuing contact. Wth this in mind it is my intention to put together a Newsletter, hopefully later this month, some of which may already be on this website, but there is always something new and it will all be news to our cleft-stick brigade.
RIP ~ Cynthia Ledger
With our condolences to Peter, we remember his wife, Cynthia, and are sad to learn of her passing in November 2020.
        Stay Safe
        Ken Wilkinson
        1st January 2021
Musical Interlude
It's the New Year - surely there's no alternative to Auld Lang Syne?
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