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Moni Aliyense ~ July 2019
This month in UK is important for so many major sporting events Wimbledon, the Cricket World Cup, Henley Regatta, the Derby, the Golf Open Champioship and the British Grand Prix to mention but a few. Thinking of your days in Nyasaland, did you engage in sporting activities? Squash in that oven at HQ, rugby or cricket playing for local or Police teams, golf, tennis (like Bill & Jack at Zomba - left), fishing, swimming, sailing or something else - great sport and great times!

For the Association, of course, this month is of major importance because, yes, it is our Reunion on Thursday 11th July at our excellent venue Holiday Inn, Coventry. Over 30 of us will be gathering for this annual event which our Founder Member Christopher Bean started in 2006. We will be remembering our members overseas and those in the UK who are unable to be with us as well as our many colleagues who have now passed on.

A reminder, too, that history was made for the Association eight years ago in July 2011 when the Nyasaland Police memorial was dedicated at the National Memorial Arboretum, Alrewas, Staffs. A highlight of the Ceremony was the excellent address on the Nyasaland Police by the late Professor Colin Baker. Part of that speech is included in the CD made at the time but recently a copy of the full address has been located & purchased by the Association and with the permission of the Society of Malawi, it now appears in Chitchat 2019, allowing all of us the opportunity of reading this very memorable speech from so many years ago.

Very Best Wishes,
Ken Wilkinson
1st July 2019

Musical Interlude
Yes, it's the month of the Annual Reunion when much of the chat begins "Do you remember when ...."   and all those Nyasa memories come flooding back. So, how about Barbra Streisland and "Memory" to help us on the way.
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