Dear Nyasalander
Most of our members have been advised that with the continuing Coronavirus pandemic our Reunion 2020, due to be held on 9th July, is cancelled. Thank you for your support in this very unfortunate matter.


Moni Aliyense ~ July 2020 As the covid pandemic continues worldwide with widespread loss of life and numbers of infections, let us continue to remember all who are suffering and those who work to provide care for them. An author once referred to ‘the kaleidoscope effect’; perhaps you may have had or seen a kaleidoscope in childhood which, when you looked into it, showed a bright multicoloured pattern that altered when any piece moved, into a different pattern. The author likened this to life, when any feature altered and the whole pattern of life changed, sometimes for the best with positive happenings and sometimes not, due to the traumas of life that can afflict any of us. The current pandemic illustrates how the kaleidoscope of life has changed – rapidly and in very significant ways. Our hope must be that the situation will continue to alter positively in the coming days.

The year moves on and now in July I feel the deepest regret that we are unable to hold our Annual Reunion which has always been such a happy and memorable event for those of us who have been able to be present. However the month includes some noted historical dates including: 1st - Canadian Independence Day (1867), 4th - United States Independence Day (1776), 6th - Malawi Independence Day (1964), 20th - First Moon landing (1969), 30th - England won the football World cup {1966) and, of course, the dedication ceremony of the Nyasaland Police Memorial at the National Arboretum on 24th July 2011.

I have very much enjoyed having telephone contact during the past month with almost 30 members in the UK. Further John Clements kindly rang me from South Africa - click here to view his up-dated "Then & Now" in Chit-Chat 2020. It was good to know too that none of them have been struck down by this continuing lethal virus.
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About the weather, to stay with the No1 UK topic, I can report that records show that the month of May this year was the warmest one in UK since records began in 1929 which, at least, did help to brighten spirits in these covid times.
Chit-Chat Revisited
Back five years to 2015 and the "Recollections of Mary Brill". Mary is our senior member and was first in Nyasaland with her husband Reg, then in the Agriculture Department, and prior to his transfer to Police in 1953. Mary has taken the time to set out so many of her memories for our appreciation and these are listed on the website Index.
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Very best wishes
Ken Wilkinson
1st July 2020

Musical Interlude
With demonstrations currently worldwide with the concerns of racial inequalitry it is a sorry thing that so many produce unnecessary violence, vandalism and social unrest. So, Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrika, with its call to "come together", is perhaps appropriate at this time.
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