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Your news, comments, letters, photographs, etc, relating to the Nyasaland Police, this website or anything otherwise relevant are very welcome. There must be tales to tell and photographs galore out there - let's have them! Tell us about your experiences, send us some pictures and let us have your views on the reunions, their venues, food and accommodation, etc. Submit personally, by post or by telephone but preferably by email to either the Association Organiser, Ken Wilkinson, or the Website Editor, Terry Young, at: nyasa.police@gmail.com (Or copy & paste this into your email address bar)

Website Change
This website was set up by Les Renno (left), a founder member of the Association and I'm sure I speak for us all in thanking him for all the excellent work he did in maintaining it, keeping it up-to-date and dealing with all the problems this modern technology throw at us individuals of near prehistoric vintage! It was a sad day that we lost him and in taking over I have kept all his work and will endeavour to keep it up to standard. The only reason there is a difference in format/layout is purely because this is the style with which I am (reasonably) familiar and less of a challenge for me to work with. I hope that many of you can subscribe to it by way of the email link and allow that personal touch to come through.
T. Young - August 2014

What about Slides?
For most of our members the current instant photography of the digital age was a long way off but the scenery was there then and the opportunities for pictures of family, work and wild life, etc, just as good. Other than for the experts, perhaps, slides were likely the main photographic medium for most of us. So if you have any that you would like to display you can do so - email nyasa.police@gmail.com for details to post on this website at up to full gallery size.

Then & Now
Although a number of members have given us a brief résumé in the "Then & Now" page of the website of their lives prior to, during and subsequent to their time in the Nyasaland Police there are many of us who have kept quiet. There may well be good reason to opt out of this but it is nice to know what happened to friends and colleagues we had in Africa and in particular of their lives since. So if you haven't already contributed give it some thought and a few words emailed to nyasa.police@gmail.com would be well appreciated.

Forgotten when you joined? Can't remember your postings when or where? Well there is some limited information available relevant to the years 1957, 1959, 1960 and 1962 - providing, at that time, date of appointment and grading, date of birth (best forgotten at our age), salary, station (not on the 1962 list), date of appointment to present rank, date of first appointment, present tour of service began, went on leave and details of previous service in other forces in UK and overseas with dates. If you have a query about any of these details from any of these years contact Ken - "Our Man in the Know" by email at: kevin.nyken@gmail.com (Or copy & paste this into your email address bar)

Association Discounts
It is often the case that members of similar associations are privilege to a range of various discounts but these are hard to come by in our limited organisation. However, by skilful negotiation, CMB has managed this with the Holiday Inn for our annual reunion and members are offered a round golf at Dollar (Clackmannanshire) with at least a 50% reduction - so golfers, if you are in the area please take advantage by email to Terry at nyasa.police@gmail.com. Mind you playing at Dollar has been described as like playing golf on the north face of the Eiger only slightly colder! However, on the positive side you do get a cheap round of golf and it saves you the expense of a mountaineering trip to Switzerland.
Anyone else out there with anything to offer?

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