Expatriate Experience of Life and Work in Nyasaland (Volume 5) - by Colin Baker

In this book, the fifth volume in the series "Expatriate Experience of Life and Work in Nyasaland", the broad general pattern of the preceding volumes is followed although there are new sections as well. There are fascinating accounts of 'Amateur Dramatics' and of 'Sewing and Needlework'; the section on 'Weddings' has been extended to include allied relationships and liaisons and 'Nyasaland' has been extended to include Malawi post-Independence.
The articles are partly designed to inform, remind and amuse contemporary readers, but they have a more lasting, longer term value and purpose as they form a repository of basic, factual, largely personal accounts of what life was like during the relatively short period, only seventy-three years, in which a foreign power - Britain - governed an African country - the Nyasaland Protectorate and the early years of Malawi's independence as a sovereign state.
Imagine how fascinating, revealing and rewarding it would be to readers had a Roman historian, such as Tacitus, systematically collected, organized and preserved the accounts of Roman and other foreigners who lived and worked in Britain during the Roman occupation. We would now be able to learn in authentic and personal detail of how those expatriates - soldiers, merchants, traders, architects, engineers, surveyors, stone masons, mosaic artists, apothecaries, priests and musicians had lived, professionally and domestically.
Tacitus did not do it for expatriates during the Roman Empireís occupation of Britain. But we, through these volumes can help future generations to learn about and better understand how non-Africans lived and worked in a small, unique corner of Britainís much larger, though shorter-lived empire.

Published November 2016 by Mpemba Books of Cardiff - 400 pages plus 42 pages of illustrations - soft back 234 mm x156mm. Price £17.50 plus P&P £3 (UK), £6.50 (EU), £11 (Rest of World) payable to Colin Baker at 55a, Lon y Deri, Cardiff, CF14 6JP - email: colin.baker@southwales.ac.uk. All proceeds are donated to the "Friends of Malawi Association Charities Fund".

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